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by Donald Walker @, UK, Friday, September 15, 2023, 18:01 (306 days ago)

Substantial matters are becoming increasingly difficult for tax reasons in Europe and worldwide, so some clients may prefer a greater physical presence at their place of business rather than virtual office services. One of the possible strategies for increasing assets is the establishment of a functional management position. Substantial questions usually arise when local tax authorities require confirmation that the company's operations take place in the country in which the company is registered: they want to see that there is actually business activity in the specified jurisdiction.

A company with substance is a company abroad that is similar to a classic “offshore” company, but has what is called “substance” (presence), meaning that it has local staff who receive a salary, a local physical office and real local expenses for running a business has business, in other words – an administrative office. It is more like a real local company but has ties to onshore business.

For more and more entrepreneurs, the economic substance of their company is becoming an overwhelming task. The creation of economic substance has become quite a threat as tax authorities, banks and government institutions delve ever deeper into the two main questions: “Where is the place of management and control of the company?” and “Who is the beneficial owner?”

Confidus Solutions can offer the substance office in various jurisdictions worldwide, including numerous famous offshore jurisdictions. However, given the complexity and efficiency of content delivery, we would strongly recommend considering the following jurisdictions as a first choice: Latvia, Cyprus, Lithuania and Hungary - as we can offer more advanced services in these states, rather than purely virtual offices, as well more solid reasons to believe that the company operates in the particular location. The question of the actual place of management and control of the company has recently become crucial not only for tax authorities, but also for business partners, suppliers, banks and competitors due to the implementation of interstate tax laws and the rapid development of international trade and online commerce become.

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